How to do it?

When you have made the right decision to order Foto Box, the first step to do is to fill in the order form which you can find here....If you have any questions or you prefer a personal contact, call one of the contact numbers. We will be happy to talk to you..
And then it runs like clockwork... We bring Foto Box to the venue, set and connect everything, prepare the background and a lot of funny props which everybody can enjoy! And let the fun begin. The number of photos that you would like to take with you is up to you. We can make as many photos as you like. You can share the photos online via e­mail, Facebook or Twitter, or we can deliver them to you afterwards on a digital medium you choose.

Call +420 777 877 539

What are the costs?

The basic operational time of Foto Box is 3 hours, the price includes the agreed amount of printed photos, the borrowed props and background and the assistance of a professional photographer. But it is possible to arrange everything individually to tailor it to your needs.

We can do some additional great things :­) but they cost something extra.

We are a team of photographers, cameramen and graphic designers, so we can add some more tweaks.

Order form



777 877 539


1How big is the space I need?
Ideal space is 3x3 meters. There are always a lot of people around here:­).
2Is electricity necessary?
Yes, but you can also use a mobile power generator.
3Do you want to share the photos online?
Then you need Wi­Fi or 3G/LTE.
4How many photos can we print?
The most photos we have made so far was 2560 during one day event:­)




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